The Domain of Slaye

Cil job hunting

6-8-13 Changes made, Wayness is now a 2nd level sorceress (Cobalt Mountain witch). Huan and I proceed to talk. Huan advises that he is controlled by the GM upon during non-combat, and that the PC controls him in combat. While traveling I will confide that I need to raise about 500 gp in about 2 months. We are nearing town when this discussion has reached an end. Outside of town is a Busiaco camp, smelled, then seen. Busiacos are like a type of gypsy known for their underhanded dealings and lack of hygiene. We skirt around the camp and head into town. We head towards the market area. The capitol of Cil is Castle Cil. We go through the town, which is bigger than my village, but not a huge metropolis. I speak to the vendor. I show him my wares. He offers only 15 (they are worth 20), I tell them I may look elsewhere. He suggests, if I wish to stay in town, the inn Cil of the Night, and advise them that Thinaster suggested it. I go to the next location and introduce myself. He seems pleasantly disposed towards me and inspects them and offers 18gp. I accept his offer, being late in the day. He suggests I go to the other inn, The Warm Hearth. He states his name is Ulfhadnar and he cares not if I stated he recommended them. I head to meet Huan at the appointed meeting spot. I go to the meat market and do not see him. I see a guard and approach him to inquire as to whether he has seen Huan. He points in a direction. I bid him farewell and go off in the direction he points (towards the Warm Hearth). I see the Warm Hearth and enter. It is a large room, mainly one common room, with a large hearth at one end. There are many tables with benches. I do not see Huan. I speak to a woman who is a server, and asking if she has seen Huan. She says someone matching that description is in the back trying to sell. I order a mead. Huan comes out and sees me. My drink comes and Huan orders one. We get a table and he divides the money between us. Huan gives me 11 gold. He states he had no success in selling the tusk, but the pelt sold. His drink arrives. We order food. The food is decent, with drinks, and costs 2 silver. We get boarding for the night. Current money: 34 gp, 4 sp, 9 cp. We try to come up with ways to make money. We make our way to the flophouse. Huan points out that the lodgings are spartan. I offer to share a room, as long as no hanky-panky occur. Huan agrees. We get a room. 4sp.The night passes without incident. We go to a kiosk in town, looking for indications of potential money-making opportunities, and start to peruse the list. Most listings are old and tattered. 2 are for apprehension of bandit leaders. We both split up to look for jobs and then meet back. I have little success, Huan bought a map. We get meat on a stick to eat, 2cp (7cp). We get out of town and examine his purchase. It is a map, on aged yellow parchment. It is labelled manor house. It has a dotted line, or scale, indicating one mile. Huan states the person he bought it from’s grandfather used to work at a manor house. When they abandoned it, they were forced to bury items indicated on the map. I state we need shovels, and he laments he has not much left. He traded the tusks for the map. We buy a pack mule, a pack saddle, 2 shovels. 17gp (17gp). We head out, east, then northward (along river). We call it a night, and look for lodging. We find shelter in an abandoned building (no roof), like an old farmhouse. We station a watch and pass the night. Gaming night ended with discussion of lack of sleep rules.

first setting, Dying Earth setting of Pathfinder RPG

We are in the Realm of Slaye’s dependents. This is the area around the palace of Cil (the surrounding town also called “Cil”). I am from one of the outlying villages. Each village tends to have one or two families that are minor gentry that tend to be in charge. I am an orphan, in proper Vancian style. I was raised by my grandfather, who is a herbalist. I would often accompany him on his journeys for plants. I learned and showed a penchant for finding minor treasures. In the woods I found my snake familiar. There was a fire in the dwelling, and my grandfather had to take out a loan to repair the dwelling and get supplies from the local gentry. My grandfather now needs 500 gold by midsummer (about 2 months). I have informed my grandfather I would help him repay the debt. He gives me a bag of herbs (imp stools, a type of mushroom) to take to the city to sell and providing me with operating funds.
Normally, it is 2 days to the city. There is a shortcut I can take by cutting through a leg of the forest. I choose to take the shortcut (time is of the essence).
The forest is overgrown with vines and branches and such. I hear a crashing through the woods and I hide, lying behind a fallen log. I peak over the log. I see, roughly 40’ away, is a boar the size of a horse. It has arrows sticking out of it and is foaming at the mouth. I fire an arrow and miss. I charges and hits, injuring me. I step back and shoot it with an arrow, damaging it. It lunges and misses and I put another arrow in it. I may hear something in the distance, coming from the same direction. It lunges again, hitting me, and I fall. I stabilize. I come to. There is a man, busy cutting the boar to pieces. I see my backpack and bow a short distance from me. I cast a heal spell and bring myself less negative but pass out again. I come back around again, in the same spot, and I smell a cooking fire and a roasting smell, something is cooking. I start to crawl towards my items. He notices I am awake and we commence to introductions. He does a healing check on me and brings me back to positive. He introduces himself as Gorgo (maybe change that). He offers to share the money from the meat from the boar (he will pocket the money from the tusks, his kill). We trudge towards Cil with the meat/ hide and tusks on a pack carried between us.


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